Occupational Therapy

Many people are defined by what they do. In majority of the years of our adult life, we are likely to be defined by our careers. However, when hazards in the workplace lead to an accident or when injuries take place, it may be hard to cope and restore our skills to be effective in our work.

This is where an Occupational Therapist comes in. At Blessed Home Health Care Agency, LLC, our occupational therapist will assess, recommend and administer a treatment to improve physical function for you. The treatment usually includes, but is not limited to:

  • Posture Correction
  • Strength Enhancement
  • Muscle Control Restoration
  • Physical Mobility Restoration
  • Balance Restoration
  • Exercise Programs
  • Body Mechanics

For more information about Occupational Therapy services from Blessed Home Health Care Agency, LLC, please call 844-277-6706.

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