IV Therapy

IV Therapy can be useful to homebound patients but it can be risky to administer without a competent nurse to supervise the therapy. Usually, IV Therapy is recommended for patients who are at risk of dehydration or for those who can no longer take in medication in other ways besides intravenously.

At Blessed Home Health Care Agency, LLC IV Therapy may be provided as a separate service (stand-alone) or as part of Skilled Nursing. A nurse can visit the patient at home to provide IV Therapy. He or she will also be in charge of helping the patient procure the equipment necessary for such treatment. In the process of providing this serve, the nurse will maintain the IV Therapy equipment and coordinate with the physician on the receptiveness of the patient to the technique.

We recommend that you check with your physician if IV Therapy is the right choice for you. Please call 844-277-6706 if you would like the advice of our care coordinator.

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