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Tell us what you need at home! We have nurses, aides and therapists who can assist you in your managing your health.
Blessed Home Health Care Agency, LLC

Blessed Home Health Care Agency, LLC – we are stewards of your health.
Have the care. Have the Comfort. Have Blessed Home Health Care Agency, LLC by your side.

Caring for someone close to our hearts is truly gratifying for us. We feel happiness when we serve them. After all, everything that we want is for them to have the best.

We understand that families want insurance and security especially in the provision of home health care for their loved ones. Caring is not achieved with a trial and error procedure, and should never be done in this way. To ensure that your loved one has continuity of care especially after a recent hospitalization or surgical procedure, you can partner with Blessed Home Health Care Agency, LLC.

Blessed Home Health Care Agency, LLC provider of home-based skilled care services established to deliver structured programs to the good folks of Ohio. We believe that care is never limited to medical needs. We acknowledge special requirements that need to be addressed too like emotional and adjustment factors that are common in residential settings. All these facets are part of our objects and we will do what we can to meet your health care needs to the best of our ability.

Please call Toll Free: (844) 277-6706 or (419) 491-0823 to request for home health care. We are available to serve you all day, all week – we can also arrange for home health care staff on Holidays.

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